Information regarding our scholarships 

2017 application period now closed. 

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I. Scholarship Details:

Scholarships are for high school seniors of Chinese descent entering college in the fall.

Scholarships are for students living in NY, NJ or CT with the exception of the Wonton Food scholarship which is open to students nationwide.

Number and types of scholarships. Please only choose one to apply for. We will automatically consider you for other awards you are eligible for.
A. Merit Scholarship: Six Four-Year Scholarships for $1,000 per year. (Total is $4000) including the New York Life scholarship and Salina Mai memorial scholarship
B. New Immigrant Scholarship (students arriving in the US after 1/1/14): Two Four-Year New Immigrant Scholarships for   $1,000 per year. (Total is $4000)
C. New in 2016 - Need-Based Scholarship : One Need-Based Scholarship for $18,000 over four years.
D. New in 2017- Wonton Foods Achievement Scholarship: 5 Four-Year Scholarships for children of persons currently working in the Asian restaurant business in the US for at least one year (Total is $20,000 per student). 
Number and amount of awards are subject to the full discretion of the award committee.

Application Method: Complete all required sections of online scholarship application and requested documents.

Distribution Method: A check will be sent directly to the college or university to assist the award recipient with tuition expenses.


II. Selection Criteria To Be Considered: 

  • Must be a full-time student.

  • Evidence of student's outstanding academic performance.  Must have a 3.5 or higher GPA.

  • Extracurricular/Community Service: Should show leadership in school clubs or community.

  • One letter of recommendation: Must provide letter of recommendation from someone who has personal knowledge of the student such as a teacher or student advisor.

  • Personal statements describing the students goals and aspirations or challenges overcome.

  • Financial needs will be considered based on FAFSA EFC and college financial aid award letter. If unavailable, tax returns or other proof of financial need may be accepted.

  • Students applying for the Wonton Food Scholarship should include w2/tax return or other proof of parent(s)/legal guardian's has been working in the Asian restaurant business in the US for at least one year. Wonton Food Scholarship is open to students nationwide.

Note: Your college must be a Scholarship America Collegiate Partner or commit that the scholarship will first be applied toward your unmet need, or, in the absence of unmet need, towards loans/work study.  You are not eligible for an award if your school would reduce your financial aid as a result of receiving outside scholarship. 

If you have questions regarding the scholarship, please contact us at or 718-710-1132.

For questions regarding the Wonton Food Achievement Scholarship 929-335-3537.



申請獎學金請點選「學生&家長」(Students & Parents) 選項, 填寫個人資料申請表. 


I. 獎學金細節:



獎學金的數量和類型。 請選擇一項申請。 我們會自動審核符合資格的其他獎項。


2個四年新移民獎學金, 每年一千元(共四千元)

個四年 Need-Based 獎學金, 四年共一萬八千元

個四年云吞食品公司獎學金, 每年千元 (共二萬元)







II. 獎學金審核標準

  • 必須是全職學生;

  • 學生優秀成績的證明,平均分必須達到3.5或以上;

  • 顯示出在課餘活動或社區的領導能力或曾贏得重要獎項;

  • 一封推薦信必須提供一封推薦信,推薦人必須熟悉申請人,例如老師或學生顧問;

  • 一篇自傳: 說明申請人的興趣/目標/願望特殊情況或克服的困難

  • 家庭財政需要將予以考慮。

  • 申請云吞食品公司獎學金的學生應提供w2 /納稅表或其他家長/法定監護人在美國亞洲餐館業已工作至少一年的證明。云吞食品公司獎學金開放給全國學生申請

獎學金申請者所要就讀的大學必須為慈善機構「美國獎學金」(Scholarship America)的 Collegiate Partner成員,或該校承諾將獎金用於支付學生學費上的「未足需求」(unmet need)、工讀(work study)或貸款。若該校會因申請者獲得外界獎學金而減少財務補助,將失去申請此獎學金的資格。


          書面申請: 我們建議每一位學生在網上申請,如果在網上申請有不能克服困難,我們可以提供書面申請表格.


如果有關於獎學金的任何問題,請聯繫我們 or 718-710-1132.