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Paying For College - Resources For Understanding the Cost of College and Navigating Financial Aid


College Costs and How to Lower Them

What a Sample Financial Aid Award Letter Look Like

Understanding Financial Aid Letters and "Unmet Need"

Avoid Financial Aid Displacement  - Did you know that sometimes schools will reduce financial aid for outside scholarships received? Our scholarships are only awarded where schools commit to reducing a student's unmet need, loans or work study instead of reducing student financial aid so the student benefits from the dollars rather than offsetting financial aid. 

Useful short video tutorials - ex. What is the College Financing Plan? - breakdown of financial aid letter components to compare college financial aid offers


You can now view the 2021 Awards Ceremony!

本週的《世界日報》世界周刊,報導了一些我們 2021年獲獎者的故事 

We are proud to announce our 2021 award recipients. 

Wonton Food Achievement Award Recipients

Ronald Cheng, Yale University

Karen Choi, Harvard University

Morgan Hoong, University of California Berkeley

Cynthia Lin, Yale University

John Lin, Harvard University 

Kenny Chuwing, Columbia University

Stanley Yang, Stanford University


New York Life Scholarship

Michael Hu, Harvard University

Jeremy Li, Carnegie Mellon University 


Merit Scholars

Georgia Chen, Georgetown University

Rieko Luo, Cornell University

Nikki Ng, Yale University - Salina Mai Memorial Scholarship

Daniel Wong, Harvard University

Angelina Xu, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Athena Zheng, University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business


New Immigrant Scholar

Ying Hong Gao, Bentley University



Congratulations 2021 graduates! 

We are excited to be celebrating our graduating class and our very first class of Wonton Food Achievement Scholars this year both on Zoom and in person. We couldn't be more proud of them for their resilience and perseverance through 2020-2021. 

Wonton Food Achievement Scholars
Emily Cheng, Princeton University
Ivy Leung, New York University
Dong Yun Wu, CUNY Hunter College
Mei Lin Zheng,Dartmouth College
Jonathan Wong, University of Michigan
New York Life Scholars
Muwen Huang, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Stephanie Tan, University of Pennsylvania

Merit Scholars

Sheryl Chen, University of Pennsylvania - Salina Mai Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Kao, University of Michigan
Forrest Fan, Dartmouth College
Elizabeth Raynor, Bucknell University
Michelle Wong, SUNY Stonybrook University
Katherine Yang, Dartmouth College



We had the pleasure of starting the new year with a career development event for our scholars on January 2, 2021, featuring speakers



Margaret Ling, Esq. on Leveraging the Mentoring Relationship and


Shane Sugino on Identifying Career Paths and the Importance of Networking

Both speakers shared invaluable tips for both careers and life. We welcome professionals from all fields to share their expertise as speakers and mentors to help develop tomorrow's leaders. Email chinesescholarship@gmail.com or follow us on LinkedIn.





Congratulations to our 2020 award recipients and their families! Transitioning to a virtual format due to the pandemic, we welcomed our new scholars with a surprise message of encouragement from former presidential candidate Andrew Yang.





Wonton Food Achievement Scholars
Sherry Chen, Yale University
Tracy Jiang, Harvard University
Gigi Ni, Harvard University
Jendy Ren, SUNY Stonybrook
Jennifer Wang, Columbia University
Karen Wang, Yale University

Need Based Scholars
Yaru Luo, Pomona College - New York Life Scholar
Kelly (Yiting) Su, Cornell University - New York Life Scholar
Acewin Tam, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Merit Scholars
Jackie Dong, Yale University
Raymond Lin, Harvard University
Athena Yao, Duke University

New Immigrant Scholar
Cheuk Wing (Vanna) Lee, SUNY Stonybrook - Salina Mai Memorial Scholarship

See scholar profile/videos and more on our Facebook page



In June, we celebrated our 2020 graduates with a community zoom gathering. Congratulations to all the class of 2020!



Merit Scholars

Yifan He, Dartmouth University, bachelor of arts in economics and quantitative social science - Salina Mai Scholarship 

Andrew Huang, University of Pennsylvania, bachelor of applied science in computer science with minors in statistics, data science and mathematics and masters of science in engineering in computer and information science-New York Life Scholarship

Christopher Liu, Emory University '19, applied math and computer science

Huishen Jason Lu, Yale University, philosophy

Serena Lu, Princeton University, psychology 
and minors in cognitive science and dance

Mabel Luo, New York University, nursing- recipient of our very first need-based scholarship

Grace Shen, Duke University, cellular and molecular biology and minor in chemistry

New Immigrant Scholars

Shiying Liang-SUNY Albany, economics and linguistics

Lan Hua Weng-City College, architecture



Our scholars were on Facebook Live Saturday, May 23 to provide tips regarding applying for our scholarship, scholarships, interviews and college. See the video on Facebook and follow us @greaternychinesedollarsforscholars.




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Congratulations to our class of 2019! This year's featured speakers Scholar Amy Kao on her journey as a tech entrepreneur and writer and producer Teresa Hsiao, from choosing a "stable" path as an economics major at Harvard University to writing comedy. Teresa is currently in production on the Comedy Central series Awkwafina, starring and inspired by the Queens upbringing of Awkwafina.

Wonton Food Achievement Scholarship

Nick Cheung, Iowa State University

Hui Ping Deng, Barnard College

Jennifer Liu, Lehigh University

Kristie Qiu, Yale University

Hao Dong Tian, Vassar College



Merit Scholars

Alan Chang, University of Pennsylvania

Jocelyn Chin, University of Pennsylvania - New York Life Scholarship

Vanessa Hu, Harvard University - Salina Mai Memorial Scholarship

Kyle Lui, UC Berkeley-New York Life Scholarship

Benjamine Mo, Columbia University

Min Zhi Wang, Columbia University



Need-based Scholarship

Kexin Zheng, Fordham University

Jia Lin Zhuo, Stanford University




It was a packed audience again at our annual education expo co-hosted with World Journal and McDonald's. Scholars Hui Ping Deng, Barnard College and Benjamine Mo, Columbia University shared personal insights on a successful college application process. To read more about this and past expos, see the panel discussion and get application tips, click here.



GREATER NY CHINESE DOLLARS FOR SCHOLARS is proud to announce our 2018 SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS. See photos from our awards dinner on June 29th on Facebook @greaternychinesedollarsforscholars and Instagram @dollarsforscholars. This year's dinner featured a presentation by 2012 scholarship recipient Huiying Bernice Chan and a panel on civic engagement.

Wonton Food Achievement Scholarship

Winnie Huang,Stanford University

Skylar Lai, SUNY Binghamton

Brian Liu, Yale University 

Shirley Shi, Yale University 

Jonathan Wong, University of Michigan

Michael Zhu, Harvard University 



Merit Scholars

Erica Wu, Harvard University -Salina Mai Memorial scholarship

Amy Chen, Cornell University - New York Life Scholar

Mengqi Li, New York University - New York Life Scholar

Merrick Eng, University of Pennsylvania

Kaitlyn Liu, SUNY Binghamton

Andrew Sheng, Carnegie Mellon



Need-based Scholarship

Cynthia Cheng, New York University

Selena Tan, Columbia University





See the "Freedom Swimmers" documentary by our scholar Gavin Huang AND SHARE THE NEWS WITH FRIENDS. @greaternychinesedollarsforscholars on Facebook



Congratulations to our 2017 scholarship recipients! At our awards dinner on June 9th, guest speaker Dr David Ho shared insights on leadership with award recipients and guests. Greater NY Chinese Dollars for Scholars presented Dr Ho with our Visionary Leadership Award for his contributions to humanity and the field of medicine through his AIDS research. Dr David Ho was awarded the Presidential Citizens medal by President Bill Clinton. When Time selected him Man of the Year, the magazine acknowledged that "Ho is not, to be sure, a household name. But some people make headlines while others make history."

Wonton Foods Scholars
Emily Cheng, Princeton University
Ivy Leung, New York University
Dong Yun Wu, CUNY Hunter College
Jackie Zhang, Yale University
Mei Lin Zheng,Dartmouth College
New York Life Scholars
Muwen Huang, University of Connecticut, Storrs
Stephanie Tan, University of Pennsylvania


Merit Scholars
Sheryl Chen, University of Pennsylvania - Salina Mai Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Kao, University of Michigan
Forrest Fan, Dartmouth College
Elizabeth Raynor, Bucknell University
Michelle Wong, SUNY Stonybrook University
Katherine Yang, Dartmouth College


NEW Wonton Foods Achievement Scholarship

High school seniors of Chinese descent whose parents or legal guardians currently work in the Asian restaurant business in the United States are eligible to apply.

Five scholarships will be awarded for a total of 20,000 per scholarship (4 year scholarships for 5,000 per year).


Thank you to all the artists and supporters of the Womens' Calligraphy Exhibition in New York

It's our pleasure to invite you to a calligraphy exhibition. Over 50 works donated by the Taiwan Women's Calligraphy Association will be auctioned benefitting scholarships for college students in need through the Scholarship America Dream Award-World Journal Award. The exhibition will be 10am-5pm from 4/7-4/14 at World Journal's 3rd fl art gallery 141-07 20th Ave, Whitestone, NY 11357.  Look forward to again being a bridge connecting artists and art lovers and philanthropists and scholars!




Greater NY Chinese Dollars for Scholars 2016 scholarships were awarded on June 24th. This year our guest speaker at the awards dinner was renowned forensic scientist Dr Henry C. Lee, who encouraged students to dream and work hard to realize their dreams.



Merit Scholars

Mabel Luo, New York University-Need Based Scholarship

Andrew Huang, University of Pennsylvania -New York Life Scholarship

Yifan He, Dartmouth University - Salina Mai Scholarship 

Christopher Liu, Emory University

Huishen Jason Lu, Yale University

Serena Lu, Princeton University

Grace Shen, Duke University


New Immigrant Scholars

Lan Hua Weng-City College

Shiying Liang-SUNY Albany


A Message from 2009 Chinese Dollars for Scholars recipient Jordan Tung (Harvard University '13)


Learn how to get into a great college from college admissions experts.


Do you have a sophomore or junior child in high school? Are you stressed and overwhelmed by the impending college application process?

We are a team of college admissions experts who've helped hundreds of students get into their dream colleges. 


Despite our best efforts to keep the cost of our services affordable, we understand that the price levels may still be out of reach for some families.

We firmly believe in the benefits of college admissions consulting in today's cut throat admission process and we want to help if money is an issue. 


As such, if your total household income level is below $27,000, please send an email to us (info@empiricedge.com-

we will pick one family every two months and provide them one hour of personal consulting pro bono.


Jordan spoke at our annual Education Expo in 2016.